Personal Training Institute of America


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to become certified with PTIA?

A: It takes between 1 and 6 months to complete all of the certification requirements depending on how motivated you are, how much time you have to invest and how quickly you learn the material. ***Please see all of the certification requirements on the "Certifications" page.


Q: What makes the PTIA Personal Trainer Certification better than other Personal Trainer Certifications?

A: PTIA Certification Classes are intensive and hands-on training... not just self study where the object is to "memorize" material rather than really have a working understanding of what you've learned. 

PTIA students will be well prepared to begin their career and hold a noticeable edge over the competition so they can begin making money right away!

Q: What does the final exam consist of?

A: There will be a lab (hands-on) testing at the end of the final certification day as well as a "written" exam made up of 100 multiple choice and True or False questions which you can take via our website anytime within 90 days after you complete your certification weekend.

You must receive a "satisfactory" in the lab testing and score at least a 70% in the "written" portion to qualify for certification.

Q: What if I don't pass the test?

A: You can re-take either or both tests for an additional $50 re-test fee within six months. 

Q: How often does a graduate have to renew and what is required?

A: To maintain your certification you must complete 10 CEC units per two year period and submit your renewal fee of $50. Please see our CEC page for more details on continuing education credits.

Q: Besides passing your examination, are there any other requirements?

A: Yes, every student is required to obtain a valid CPR certificate. Copies of valid certificates must be mailed or faxed to the PTIA office. This will ensure that if any accident or emergency arises, you will be competent in assessing what to do and how to respond.

Q: Where can I work?

A: Once you become certified, you aren't just limited to personal training in a gym or health club or home setting. You may also choose to work on Cruise Ships, at Spas or Resorts, or in the Corporate sector.  

Q: Will my certification be accepted by every employer?

A: While PTIA is a national certification it is up to individual health clubs as to which certifications they accept. In most instances you should not have a problem. If needed we would be happy to contact your club to discuss the individual situation.

Q: Why do I need to get my CPR card before I am certified as a trainer?

A: As a representative of our company, we want to be sure our students are fully qualified and ready to step into a professional trainer position on day one. Most facilities will require you to have your CPR certification before you begin work; with PTIA you'll be a step ahead of the rest!

Q: Does every gym and health club accept the PTIA certification?

A: No matter what certification you earn, it is always the sole decision of the club whether or not to accept your certification. Our students are working at gyms and health clubs throughout the country. Our edge is that you'll be receiving “hands-on” training so you'll be better prepared for your interview and your first day on the job.

Q: How do I dress for class?

A: We ask that you dress in professional, comfortable athletic attire for both days of class.

Q: Does the course include lunch?

A: Students are on their own for lunch, however we strongly encourage you to bring your lunch, snacks and water with you since we keep our breaks to a minimum (usually 30-40 minutes for lunch). Most college campuses have limited dining facilities available on the weekend, if any.

Q: Is there anything else I need to bring with me?

A: An exercise mat is required both days of class. It's also a good idea to bring a pen and paper/notebook for any notes you wish to take.

Q: Can you explain the requirement of the “internship”?

A: Our mission is to develop the best, most prepared trainers in the industry. Our short, 10 hour internship is required so you can see how other trainers work and interact with their clients. Our internship is quite flexible and can be fulfilled through a combination of shadowing a trainer and taking group fitness classes at a local facility. 

Q: How does earning continuing education credits work?

A: Your initial certification is for 2 years. During that time you are required to keep current with your training and build upon what you learned during certification. Our requirement is minimal and you will likely want to do much more than the minimum. There is also a nominal re-certification fee; more information is available on our “CEC” page.