Personal Training Institute of America


Continuing Education Credits

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In order to maintain your PTIA certification you need to take 10  CEC hours per two year period. This will ensure that PTIA Trainers stay on the cutting-edge of this fast paced industry.

Graduates are required to obtain their CEC's by completing at least 4 credit hours by participating in PTIA specific trainings.  CLICK HERE for our current list of available courses.

The remainder of your CEC's can be earned in a variety of ways including industry workshops & seminars, college courses or earning additional certifications. CEC's can additionally be earned by assisting the instructor in PTIA certification classes in your area.

Accepted Topics Include: Advanced Strength Training Techniques,  Anatomy/Exercise Physiology, Fitness Career/Business Planning, Client Retention, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Physical Assessment, Special Population Training, Sports Psychology, etc. We also accept many other topics--give us a call to ask if you are not sure. 

Verification of all credits must be made to PTIA to maintain certification.