Personal Training Institute of America


Nadia Ellis, BA, Business/ Exercise Science

Our Fitness Programs have a long history of success in the industry.

Our founder, Nadia Ellis, has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a trainer, consultant, coach, business owner and teacher. Nadia has brought a lifetime of experience together to design a variety of professional fitness certification programs that teaches students the essentials of training while giving them the ability to continually upgrade their skills through the PTIA programs.

PTIA was birthed from necessity. As the owner of a Personal Training Center in an exclusive resort located just outside of New York City., Nadia constantly struggled to find good, competent Personal Trainers/Pilates Instructors. She realized something was missing from most  fitness certification programs... and that “something” was a hands-on component that allowed students to see, learn and actively practice how to handle a client from “intake” to “program design” to “implementation” on the training floor.

At that moment PTIA was born. Since its 1st partnership with Hudson Valley Community College  near Albany, NY, PTIA has grown to offer its program in colleges and private facilities throughout the country. PTIA has countless successful trainers working in fitness centers across the country, with many having started their own training business with the help of their PTIA education.

The Personal Training Institute of America (PTIA) educates health and fitness professionals through its Certification Courses and Workshops. These courses emphasize professional competency through hands-on practical application, group lectures, and student interaction.

All PTIA instructors have many years of real world experience and multiple fitness certifications including:  *Certified Personal Trainers, Pilates, Yoga Instructors, Nutritional Consultants, Group Fitness Instructors, Senior Fitness Instructors, Spin Instructors, Arthritis Foundation Instructors, CPR/AED Instructors and more.